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27 October 2008 » admin

Just found this interesting article on seroundtable about how Adwords has started to show images of products next to Adwords adtexts.  I have not noticed this before so I assume this is fairly new phenomena and is restricted to at the moment.  Below is an example of how this works in practice…

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21 October 2008 » admin

Just been reading an interesting article on PPC Discussions about negative use of PPC to damage a competitor.  It is alarming the length some advertisers will goto to damage the standing of a rival company rather than concentrate on promoting themselves.  Also it seems that the main search platforms don’t seem to be that interested [...]

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17 October 2008 » admin

Google announced this week that is it to reintroduce allowing gambling advertisers to use the Adwords advertising program, which it had previously removed in summer 2007.  The official line from Google is that..

“Google AdWords allows online gambling advertisements to target Great Britain (England, Scotland, or Wales) as long as the advertiser is registered with the [...]

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17 October 2008 » admin

Anyone involved in pay per click professionally will know the best practice techniques and how to use them effectively.  However I have noticed of late that some advertisers are trying clever tricks to try and lure a click through from the user.  These include using some of the character keys around the words in the [...]

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