PPC Marketshare for Q4 Published

14 January 2009 by admin
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AdGooRoo have published figures showing search advertising market share for Q4 in 2008.  The figures show a further decline for troubled platform Yahoo, while Google and Microsoft increased their share. Google now account for over 80% of all search advertising - an increase of 3.4% compared to Q1,2 and 3. Microsoft Live search increased their market share from 12% to 16.4%, with Yahoo!’s share falling sharply from 30.4 per cent to 19.4%.

January is traditionally a quiet time for the overwhleming majority of search advertisers, and this has been made more apparent by the impact of the credit crunch. Ominously for Microsoft and Yahoo, plus in tandem accounted for 90% of all UK searches for the first 4 weeks of December.  Yahoo! now have a 2.76% market share with Live Search on 2.0% - that’s according to data from Hitwise.

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PPC Marketshare for Q4 Published


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