Six Ways to improve Google Adwords Editor

21 January 2009 by admin
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The advent of Adwords editor allowed marketers to make quick and large scale changes to Google Adwords accounts that would have taken a great deal longer if done manually via the online Adwords portal.  It speeded up the process of optimisation and therefore encouraged users to make more frequent changes as it wasn’t as time consuming as doing the changes manually.  It also went some way in increasing the demise of Yahoo’s sponsored search market share as Yahoo, despite replacing the Overture platform with Panama, failed to comprehend the importance of an offline editor.

There have been several upgrades of Adwords editor since it’s inception, Google did what Yahoo failed to do - listen to it’s user base.  Here I have listed some *possible* further improvements…

1. Improve Geo-targeting to allow for exact targeting of co ordinates, area (s). Currently you can only target down to towns and cities, but not bespoke areas e/g 30 mile radius of “X”

2. Change the default campaign target country to the UK not the US.  I am sure a lot of people have come unstuck with this?

3. Import some basic analytic metrics - such as “bounce rate” and “exit rate” at keyword level.  That way you would be able to tell easily that a problem could relate to a landing page not a keyword/CPC bid/adtext.

4. Flag duplicate account wide keywords automatically

5. Allow Ad scheduling features such as accelerated bid and day parting.

6. Create a dashboard similar to Adwords - this would allow for top level data analysis whilst not online.

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2 comments on 'Six Ways to improve Google Adwords Editor':

  1. mike
    29 January 2009 @ 1:14 am

    re #2 you can change the settings for the default country. all future campaigns will be created with that ;)

    #3 - nice idea, but presumes you have analytics installed + working + have access…

    #4 - I think it’s better to have to request this. sometimes you want duplicate keywords… especially with the upcoming display URL changes on feb 24….

  2. admin
    30 January 2009 @ 8:49 am

    Thanks for your comments.

    Re #2 - Didn’t know about that so thanks!

    Re #3 - I would say 99% of users have analytics?

    Re:#4 - Why would you want duplicate keywords, e/g “Loans” on broad match twice. - Surely you will be splitting the quality score?

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