View your Google Adwords account from your browser

6 January 2009 by admin
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Anyone who uses the eminent web browser Firefox will know that there are a plethora of useful add-ons, and that this is one of the major reasons why the browser has been so successful in gaining popularity, aside from being more secure than internet explorer.  Some of the add-ons available currently mean that you can check updates to email or social bookmark accounts without having to login to the account page itself.  Two examples would be the gmail notifier and also the facebook toolbar which alert you when you receive a new message, wall post, poke, werewolf invitation or any other pointless form of communication.

Using this technology the clever people at semenvironment have created a Google Adwords PPC Management toolbar that works with the same principle.  Simply download the software and submit your adwords login plus API details and you will soon be able to see basic Adwords metrics from within your browser, see the following screenshot.

I havn’t tested it yet but from all accounts it seems to work very well.  Of course for those running an MCC account it may not be suitable as you can only seen one account at a time, but this is still a  GREAT piece of technology all the same.  It could be particulary useful if you want to keep an eye on one major account while you do something else or if the PPC spend gets depleted quickly during the day.

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View your Google Adwords account from your browser


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